Summer Academy

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Balázs Simon (Hungarian)

Director and founder of Utcaszínházi alkotóközösség, director at Vírgszínház and organiser of Except.

Balazs will lead the Creative atelier. It is bound to the final output of Academy - by the end of the second week every trainee is expected to design a social art project, or plan an art piece (stage action, performance etc) which is meant  to address a certain marginalized audience. In the framework of Creative Atelier the teachers of Academy provide various form of help to the students in their personal research. In the last three days the students are welcome to present their results to the others and guests.


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Selena Clare Mc Mahan (French/American)

Representative of Clowns without Boarders International, Visual and Performing Artist, with a specialization in Arts and Social Change (SIT-Czech Rep.), trained in the theater school of Jacques Lecoq (Paris), John Turner of Mump and Smoot, Lory Leshin at the Samovar and with the Brazilian company LUME.

Her workshop “The playful duo in public spaces” has a focus on building playful and interesting duo relationships, the workshop will explore different ways of interacting with public spaces, audiences, objets, and scenographies. How can the duo be a catalyst for connections between audience members and/or between spaces?



Adam McGuigan (Irish)

Artistic Director of Barefeet Theater

His Barefeet workshop will show how you can inspire the most vulnerable youth to make positive life choices and move to a safe and healthy environment through theater. To achieve this he uses a multi-dimensional approach. Through theatre, performance, psychosocial support, creativity, and self-expression.


Andreas Schantz (German)

Artistic director of the Summer Academy
Clown, actor, improvisation master – he is performing & teaching in the field of circus & theater

He will give two workshops:
Jonglage - a wonderful way to connect your left with your right side, if you like to bend down a hundred times in the hour. Working with balls can be used as a means for ensemble work, it is particularly suitable for concentration & focus games and body sensing.

Improvisation- Within his work he uses improvisation as a tool for a creative process. His request on this course is to provide a tested structure for group work and to develop the joy and the risk of playing from now to now.



Barna Petrányi (Hungarian)

Experienced in European projects as a financial Manager since several years
Founder and Managing Director of Pro Progressione, Project Manager of Utcaszak.

He will give organisational and financial advice of future projects of the participants.


gianluca barbadori foto bernardino avila

Gianluca Barbadori (Italian)

Director and Artistic Director of Pontre tra culture,  Pedagogue   

He will be teaching Physical Theater, where he works with basic training elements and exercises that improve physical memories, dissociationimagination and imaginary-actions.


agiAgnes Domonkos (Hungary)

Performing artist, theatre pedagoque and trainer, with a Master Diploma in Psychology (Budapest), graduated from “creating theatre and performance” in London, trained in physical  theater studies (Bacelona) and at the Moving Academy for Performing Arts (MAPA), Amsterdam. In her work she is focused on the fully alive body and the space, as she is working often sitespecific, based on physichal expression, also using masks, the principals of Jacques Lecoq in grotesque and object theatre and poetic storytelling.

In her workshop “Mask work” she will focus on body, group and space awareness, playfulness and the principals of using masks. Just bring comfortable clothes for movement.



Noélie Morizot (French)

Actress specialized in mask work and mine techniques, trained in the theater school of Eponyme, license of literature and arts at the University Denis Diderot and participant of the research group of Thomas Lheabart in California.

In her workshop Movements and Objects you will experience how to use your body as a tool to play with objects on the stage.


_DSC1847Elisa Pesco (Italian)

Director, actress and theater teacher, specialized in working with teenagers, using theatre as a tool for their self-discovery, experimentation of their capacities, and growth both as individuals and as part of a group.

In her workshop she will teach “Basic body-percussion“, that could be later used with kids to enhance memory, attention and concentration through music. Body percussion means to use one’s own body to create music and rhythms, solo or together.


10487560_10152517307914621_7800351156079452336_nAdam Grzanka (Polish)

Comedian, cabaret actor, columnist, satirist, director, composer, musician

His course he will combine music, theater and cabaretistic elements.


Ana_Dragan ČuloAna Vrbaški (Serbian)

Singer and performer, yoga practitioner, founder of multimedial artist group “Alice in WonderBand” and a member with different roles: composer, arranger, writer of lyrics, performer (keyboards, singing, flute), coordinator, organizer. Theatre performer, in children plays as well as adult theatre.

She will give the “Voice and Yoga” workshop deals with a body as an instrument. During the workshops we’ll tune our instrument, breath, sing, stretch, work with our body and with another’s body, and join to make music and harmony together.


ivanIvan Pravdić (Serbian)

Associate professor and Head of Section of Dramaturgy, Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Head of Section and lecturer of Polymedia Arts at the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies of the University of Arts in Belgrade.As a director, dramaturgy and performer he participated in theater plays, performances, environments, events, poetry, audience participation, workshops, symposia and festivals in Austria, Germany, Canada, Russia, Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey and the whole of the Balkans.

His workshop Theater Games will conclude morning work in the last days of the Academy and will offer more different approaches and games for creating theater. Process of inspiring, articulating, connecting and performing will be variouselly and methodically wormed up.



Bern Atom Santi (Hungarian)

Teacher, singer, voice trainer

In his Music Workshop he will learn you Sound games, vocal and music improvisations, that are for useful pedagogical opportunities in the underprivileged children’s education.


Kézdy-ZsófiaZsófia Kézdy (Hungarian)

will give lectures on Social aspects.


Filip Krzywiński (Polish)

Psychologist, musician and entrepreneur of Studio Skit (recording studio for underprivileged kids)

He will give Psychology lectures that explore innovative approaches towards social disfunction, the relationship between art and psychology and multicultural psychology from a practical perspective.