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Call for Summer Academy

of non-formal Youth Practises



The Project

The main idea of the project came from the 2 years long Europe-wide programme EXCEPT supported by the European Commission under the Creative Europe programme. In the framework of EXCEPT a Summer Academy was organized in 2014. The two week educational programme showed nearly 50 young professionals new ways of working with underprivileged youth through special social art practices in the fields of THEATER TECHNICS, MASK & OBJECT WORK, PSYCHOLOGY, MUSIC, and SOCIAL SCIENCES etc.

Our aim is to build a sustainable, long-lasting NETWORK of Social Arts Practices and Practitioners that our partners and participants can work on a long-term in remote areas and increase the impact from year to year. Now with the support of the Erasmus + – Youth Exchanges programme we are organizing a Summer Academy in the summer of 2016.


-Utca-Szak Egyesület (HU) as main organizer                 

-Ponte tra Culture(I)

-KuluraNova (SRB)

-StudioSkit (PL)



-Anadolu University (TR)

- Hablar en Arte (ES)



There are many intellectuals with a strong motivation to contribute to a healthier, a more equal and motivated society, with the urge to start this kind of work “just in the opposite corner” of society: the world of slums, extremely poor villages, prisons, refugee camps, urban minority groups, not even mentioning exotic places like continental Africa or the war worn Middle East, which are more and more intriguing challenges for the artist of today.

This is great, since the latent capacity of the knowledge of our social group is a sort of general human expertise – communication, group work, the knowledge of learning and development – essential for the people in need. But how to start? How to involve the target-groups? What are the possible dangers in an encounter with an isolated group of people? How to avoid undesirable side effects? How to prepare for these encounters from inside, with tools and strategy, and from the terribly important view of artistic experiences – since only a creatively active artist is able to contaminate with the joy of creation. And finally, how to maintain development of those successfully contaminated?

The partners of the program have decades of experiences in these questions and our aim is to share and develop this current knowledge.


Our Summer Academy aims to provide a two-week long scholar framework dealing with these questions, involving professional trainers from different fields, as theatre pedagogy, clown-technic, music and human sciences. The envisaged themes are ranging from social psychology to follow-up and supervision models, through testing different examples of art application, leaping over the realm of social welfare studies and social anthropology and including joint training/stage experience.


Dates 1-14 August 2016 – Summer Academy in Szakácsi, Hungary



We are looking for artists, teachers, social workers and volunteers from all over Europe - who may come with or without explicit experiences from the announced fields. What is essential is the candidate’s urge for broadening her/his knowledge in Applied Performing Art Practices. Participants must be aged above 18.

For the trainees coming from the partner countries (Hungary, Serbia, Poland, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Turkey and Spain) all the costs (including travelling and daily allowances) shall be covered, and for the additional participants there is the possibility for co-financing (travel, accommodation and catering will have to be paid, but the courses will be free of charge also for them).


The Selection

The following materials should be included in your application:

  1. Curriculum Vitae: Length of one page. Please include all relevant contact information and personal website, if available.
  2. Letter of intent Length of max. one page.

The applications should be sent no later than:


to the following e-mail address:


The list of selected applicants will be announced by the 15th of May.

Let’s meet on the 1st of August in Szakácsi!


About Us

Utca-Szak, established in 2007 by young actors, dancers, and circus artists interested in social-interactive theatre, works with theatrical improvisations. The association team is interested in applied theatre: to involve the participants by the attraction of the stage into various activities and to harness the stage as a development vehicle.

Utca-Szak has many years’ experience in working with underprivileged groups through the tools of SAP (Social Performing Art Practices). The team applies interactive performances that involve mainly disadvantaged youngsters in remote areas, slums or prisons. We not only create performances for them, but directly with them. We deliver international and intercultural activities in Hungary and aboard, with our projects focussed on empowerment and engagement in the society: performances for and with target groups, supporting and managing music groups from difficult circumstances, art camps for Roma’s, as well as research on non-urban SAP.

More about our activities:

Summary of the previous Academy is available here:

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