Theater Octopus

Theater Octopus

Theater Octopus in Germany is expert of modern clownery. It has been operated by Andreas Schanz is a well-known master of clownery reaching children and adults as well, teaching showman techniques, jugglery and acrobatics all over Europe. Theater Octopus has been involved in a project on “debriefing social traumas” by means of forum theatre from Georgia to India.


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Associatione stefanoperocco

Perocco Meduna, the maestro of Associatione stefanoperocco, as a well-known mask-maker fosters the tradition of Commedia dell’Arte, He is not only an artificer of an old European mastery, but a sort of living knowledge base of Commedia dell’Arte acting techniques, too. Due to his well-structured methodology, one can learn the traditional process of mask creation from the first make-ups to the printing leather masks.



SpecStreet (Utca-Szak)

SpecStreet (Utca-Szak) works with drama, improvisation, and social issues. Utcaszak targets the population of small villages (mostly of Roma inhabitants), urban slums, as well as prisons. The performance circumstances determine both Utca-Szak’s theatre techniques and its set of scenic equipments.



Studio Skit

Studio Skit

Studio Skit is active in using music as a community building tool. Since 2010 Studo Skit uses a sound production/recording studio as the main tool in social, educational and cultural programs targeting young people from 12 to 21 years of age. Young people who want to record have to remain sober and participate in support programs that the foundation offers them.


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Ponte Tra Culture

Ponte Tra Culture (as well as Utca-Szak) believes that ‘Theatre is meant as medium of social action’, which aims to prevent and transform. In this field theater to educate young people, adolescents, adults, theater students and/or actors and professional operators; to help social integration (with foreigners or with minorities); to improve a social transformation where conditions of social and economic injustices.




Kulturanova in Serbia focuses on development of urban youth culture and raising awareness on relevant social issues, with the vision of building creative platforms for youth in Novi Sad and in the region. The main objective of Kulturanova is to develop a cultural community in the region, reaching audience isolated from culture.




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